Everything That You Need To Know About The Welding Procedure

Welding is basically a fabrication procedure used for joining metal parts or pieces together. This is done by heating the surfaces to a point where they start melting. There are different sources of energy used in this procedure including electric arc, gas flame, electron beam, ultrasound, friction and laser. Welding is a procedure that has long been used for joining different types of metals. However, welding techniques have been changing and even advancing with time.

Types of Welding

There are basically two types of welding and they are spot welding and resistance welding. Resistance welding is perfect for small batch manufacture. This is a simple and flexible method that can be controlled very easily. Resistance welding machines are quite expensive but they are good at providing top quality welds at required production rates. Another welding procedure is spot welding that focuses on certain specific points for welding and not on joining the metal objects. Spot welding is a technology that allows users to perform quality repairs of objects that have been welded previously.

The Use of Welding Helmets

Be it any welding procedure that you are using, it is very important for you to make use of top quality welding helmets in order to remain safe at work. Welding is all about bright light, fire, gases and heat. Therefore, the individuals involved in this procedure should make use of welding helmets in order to remain protected. A standard welding helmet that is free of sutures and cracks needs to be chosen. This is because damaged or low quality helmets might not serve the necessary purpose. Read more at goldenweld.com