Safety Tips For Plasma Cutting

When you are making the use of plasma cutters in welding procedures, it is necessary for you to remain aware of the safety tips in order to stay safe during the procedure. Some tips that are essential to know for the people dealing with plasma cutting are as follows.

Electric Shock

Plasma cutters connect with electric circuit between the work object and the torch. If there is anything that touches the work object, the electric circuit will generally pass that object as well. Therefore, remember not to touch the body of the torch or the work object while operating the plasma cutter.

Currents And Voltages

Generally speaking, plasma cutters are tools that can be used very easily for cutting metals that are electrically conductive and for cutting steel as well. The plasma cutters require high voltage electrical arc along with a compressed gas for cutting welding materials and steel. It is to be noted that the electrical voltages of the plasma cutters and greater than the welding voltages, generally 100 to 200 volts.

Safety Precautions

Some important safety precautions that need to be kept in mind when using plasma cutters for welding and cutting are as follows:

  • Wear insulated gloves and boots when making use of plasma cutters.
  • Avoid sitting, standing or lying when making use of plasma cutters for welding.
  • Do not fasten ground cables with the work object.
  • Proper protection for the eye is necessary when making use of plasma cutters.
  • All sorts of flammable objects should be removed from the surroundings. These include butane lighters and matches. ┬áRead more at